Due to the limited nature of Mika's first release items are sold on a pre-order basis and made to order - your items are expected to ship in March. We are currently shipping out under normal circumstances, however, some couriers are expecting higher volumes in the coming months meaning tracking may be delayed. If you are an international purchaser, your country may hold imports before processing your items (for more information on your local custom processing time we suggest you contact your countries customs department). 

Where is the merch made?

We are proud to make our merch in Portugal, our Portuguese team deliver high quality and responsible fashion. We have and work in these factories and are proud to support great production conditions. This does mean our merch is priced slightly higher than normal, but hey, it's totally worth it. 

Is this release restricted to 6500 users?

Yes it is, we understand Mika has over 10,000,000 followers and fans, however for her first release we wanted to focus on quality and sustainability. Mika's top fans will be able to subscribe to a landing page to get first access to her release (you can buy more than one item though!).

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely, this was important for us to reach Mika's global audience. We make our merch in Portugal and it will be distributed globally from Germany. 

Do you accept returns/can I change my order once submitted:

Returns are only considered when there is a fault with the product caused prior to its delivery. Please contact support if you are experiencing such an issue. 
Ordering the incorrect size does not qualify for an automatic return, you will need to speak to our support team. 

How do I look after my products:

Our products are produced to the highest standard in Portugal using quality fabrics and production methods, please refer to the tag on the item for washing methods.

What payment methods are accepted:

We accept most payment methods globally, depending on where you order from methods will differ slightly. 

Payment currency:

All payments are processed in USD, however, there may be a currency toggle available for your convenience depending on where you are located. If the currency is not displayed within the checkout process, USD will be the default currency. 

Custom fees:

We do not take responsibility for your local customs fees/import taxes imposed by your government (if they do apply). Customers are required to pay local customs/VAT fees (if they do apply). 

Ordered with the wrong address? 

Contact our support team here. If it's possible we will amend the order address if we have sufficient time to do so.

When will I receive my order:

Our estimated date to begin shipping will be in March. Once the item is shipped you will receive a tracking number. Shipping times depend on your global location.

The shipping tracker is showing a different location to where I live:

The map may not be visually accurate, items will be sent to the correct address provided on checkout. 

What is pre order?

Due to our limited release and our focus on quality and sustainability we determined a pre order model was best for Mika's fans. Your order will be made on demand in Portugal to a high level specification over a few weeks.